1 February 2005


It looks like the old Guild of Ghostwriters has disappeared into the ether and so I'm trying blogspot to see if I can get it working again. If anybody who knows me chances upon this place, knows how to post images using blogger (preferably loads of images for free...), please drop me a line at guildofghostwriters@gmail.com and share the secret.

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Doe said...

I was just going through your blog and checking out your fabulous art. There’s so much here to look at and be impressed about, not to mention the many items that have as yet not been uploaded here for different reasons. I’m just luck to know what’s happening outside this blog, to see the artist working with his different projects and to see the many things that don’t end up here, such as exhibition stuff. I’m very grateful for those many pieces of art that have been made especially for me. They are very much appreciated and they mean a lot to me. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I truly enjoyed going through your art and there were so many things that I really, really like but had forgotten about with you producing so many new and fantastic pieces of art all the time! But I’m really glad I had a look to the past to remind myself – and you! – what a fantastically gifted and versatile artist you are. One that is equipped with very special imagination and talent, which are used to produce unique art with a lot of meaning and devotion attached to it. xxx