10 March 2005

Finally got this working?

Back in October 2003, while failing to recover from a pretty nasty bout of mugging induced self pity, I purchased a domain name and started blogging. At first my blogging was solely textual but one day in December some old doodles found their way onto the blog. I hadn't done any drawing for about 20 years apart from a brief mental illness inspired bout of doodles and comic strips in the late 90s and it was one of these doodles I now blogged. A blogging friend who knew a thing or two about proper doodling told me I should fill my blog with doodles and I followed her advice. The best advice I ever followed because up until then I didn't know I could do proper doodles and now that's all I doodle do (well, I breathe eat shag shit etc sometimes and have been known to break my toe/have teeth pulled painfully). Sadly that old blog died but all was not lost because I set up this blog instead. And now I'm reposting loads of old stuff from that blog starting with these three late 90s doodles, originally blogged in December 2003.


creativity navelgazer writingprocess

creativity navelgazer writingprocess

More soon, now I know how...

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Natalie said...

Chuffed as usual, Demmo, when I'm lauded as the motivator/encourager to launch your innate comic-stripper talent into the cybersphere. It's great to be able to say "I told you so" and be proved right. I told you you had it in you and now you and everyone who comes here knows it too. May this snowball grow and grow and your talent with it.