23 March 2005

My Blakean Delusion

I'm posting a load here all in one go because I'm not sure how much opportunity to post I'll have between now and early April and so, still in January '04 (ooh I feel all Donnie Darko...), here's a strip I still feel quite proud of...










More when I find the time... (Including, before the year is out, some BRAND NEW NEVER SEEN BEFORE STUFF!)


lucretia pepper said...

and the demster mcstimson is back where he belongs in the blogosphere... we loves ya dem... I wish I had the wherewithall to buy you a place where you could blog every day. but I don't. sorry.

mwah mwah mwah!

doe said...

Looking forward to that brand new never seen before stuff. Are you gonna give any hints what that is gonna be? Peru is brilliant by the way. Have seen loads of different sort of art here but nothing compares to what you do. Looking forward to seeing Small, and you! Have great time in Donny. XXX

Ben said...

Fantastic - you're very talented!

I didn't catch these strips the first time round so I'm savouring every one.

Dem said...

Cheers Madge - multiple mwahs back to you - it's good to be back...

Hey doe - you've seen all the new stuff I'll be posting anyway. Missing you and counting the days. Hope Bolivia is as good as Peru XXXX

Heyup, welcome and thanks bhr. Sorry it takes me so long to reply to comments...

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog through Blaugustine's blogroll, and it's clear why you and she like each other's work. And since I like hers, it's no surprise that I like yours too. And your view of the universe makes a lot of sense to me lately. Nice work!

Dem said...

Thanks Richard. Natalie (Blaugustine) is not only a very good friend of mine and a source of constant inspiration but the reason I'm doing this at all - she encouraged me to return to and share my art in the first place and sent me a box of art materials to get on with it as well. I'm glad you've managed to extract some sense from my universe.