31 March 2005

Your Handy Print Out And Keep Guide To This

This is how I ended January 2004. For those outside the UK, 'Why Don't You' was a tv show by and for kids during the school hols which basically implored kids to turn off the telly, go out and do something less boring instead. Usually something along the lines of skateboarding or making portable telephones from paper cups and string. This was all a long way pre-Nokia when the idea of a mobile communication device that took moving pictures - actually the idea of moving pictures via anything other than telly - was a dream inspired by the likes of Blake's 7 and Doctor Who.








More old stuff from my groan-up string and paper cup picture sharing device soon...


Doe said...

Hey Dafty,
Can´t access either of my emails so am leaving a message here. Just wanted to say rakastan sua kulta! Talk to you soon. xxx

Vickie said...

Oh my goodness. I found you again, Dem. Fantastic...


Dem said...

Rakastan sua back at you doe - not long now until I can say it to your face again!

Heyup Vickie - glad you found me! It's nice to hear from old blog friends.