16 April 2005

Love & 8

February last year also saw the start of what I hope will be a lifelong tradition - creating a picture book for my daughter's birthday. This was one of my earliest attempts at watercolour - nowadays gouache watercolour is the stuff I use the moist - and I really didn't know what I was doing. I even painted onto normal typing paper rather than the heavy stuff back then. Now I'm hardcore and stick to all the proper paraphernalia. Anyway, here's the book wot I wrote and draw for my daughter in February 2004...







I'll post the book I did for her 9th birthday very soon. In the meantime, if you require proof that I do still doodle and I'm not all harping on past glories and what not, go check out Vit n Madge's place....


lucretia pepper said...

cor, what a daddy!

Doe said...

Best dad ever I would say!
Not long to go anymore. Looking forward to seeing all the art you´ve done in the last 5 weeks. Rakastan sua kulta! xxx