19 April 2005

WHEN I WAS small














Okay, this is the first never before seen 'new' thing I've posted on this new blog. It's also my daughter's birthday book for this year. For a variety of reasons it was delivered late and the ending was rushed so I'm not altogether satisfied with it (the duplication of 'buzz' gags, especially ending on one of them, but also the quality diminishes as the rushing increases near the end) but I do like it and believe it has legs. And wings.


Dick said...

Brilliant, Dem. I downloaded & printed this for Reuben & he's been carrying the top page around all day. Well worth being between hard covers...

lucretia pepper said...

i LOVE that! you nut.

er... have you grown your hair back or what? I'd just got used to imagining you with a crew cut! kisses to you and ppppppppp (i can't remember how many p's!)

Dem said...

Thanks Dick - I'm glad you like it but it's even more encouraging that Reuben likes it. It's nice to know that my work appeals to those people on my level.

That's rich - labelled a nut by a woman who swears she is two completely different women! My hair is growing back slowly - it hasn't been cut since I shaved it for the play all those moons ago and now it's sort of Mod-yet-to-discover-lsd length at the moment. The hair portrayed in this strip is more wishful thinking than reportage but get this - not everything I write and draw in this blog is true. Sorry to disillusion you mate(s). Kisses back from me and PP.

Vickie said...

How very clever and lovely! I love it! What a delightful birthday book indeed.

Psychbloke said...

That's brilliant ......I entirely agree that online Dem should retain his characteristic hairstyle.
What a great gift!
Don't be hard on yourself about the gags - in my experience if kids find it funny once they find it funny ad nauseum!

lucretia pepper said...

so back to the phil daniels look then? ;P

Natalie said...

Dem, this new Blogger locale of yours still hasn't quite registered in my subconscious so forgive my lateness in arriving at this celebration of "Small". It is absolutely I -want to-think-of-new-compliments but Brilliant and Wonderful keep coming up. How about Perfect? It is perfect, the drawing, the text, the colour, the everything. And it would-will make a fantastic children's book, for all children - not only your lucky daughter. I want to see it published.

Anonymous said...

Hey. me again, Demian m'dear.

When you get a second, could you email me at vahackney@yahoo.com? I need to chat with you a sec.

Thanks hon!

Vickie said...

Third time is the charm... heh...and Blogger actually recognizes me this time through.

New digs:


That was the news. A long story better left untold. :)

Dem said...

Thanks everybody and sorry again for slow responses.

Vit, I wish it was Phil Daniels - it's just a grown out crew cut with a tendency to go curly over the ears when just washed and with a knack of looking like steel wool.

Vickie, I've updated the link and emailed you just now - I didn't read these comments until today so sorry for the apparent ignorance and slackness...

Lolabola said...

I love it! your story, personal as well as book, is very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

dad i think every comic you do is brill, so does my m8... she is here now and says hi. love me!

bex said...

hey vettie's dad your comics are brill by bex

vettie spaghetti said...

dad thanks alot for being brill and doing fantastic comic strips!

Dem said...

Hello Lolabola, glad you think so - thanks for taking the time to say!

Hey Vettie Spaghetti - it's good to hear from you - I'm really looking forward to seeing you soon. And not just because we get to eat loads of chocolate eggs! You're brill too!

Hey Bex - thanks! You should see Vettie's comics - they're miles better than mine.