30 July 2005

Storyboard (new stuff)

Here's the storyboard I did for my mate John back in November, referred to in part 1 of widsim. Although it's a lot rougher and more rushed (having been completed in one session) than my usual stuff, I thought it was worth showing here because it's a bit like a silent comic. My favourite frame is the close up of the jukebox. If anybody fancies commissioning a storyboard for their film, let me know...











Natalie said...

Hey Dem, lovely storyboard but I can't figure out the story. Who's that lying on the floor in the end? Is it a tragedy?

Dem said...

I suppose that's the irony of the storyboard - it's just a sequence of scenes needed to tell the story rather than the story itself. Without the sound and motion it's pretty vague but it was never meant to be anything more than a guide to the director/camera man of the film. The story here is a bloke is arranging meetings with potential dates through a dating agency then standing the dates up but filming them - the film is mostly from his point of view as he films his stood-up dates from a safe distance with a digital camcorder. With each date he gets a little bolder, gets closer, follows one and is confronted, until finally he follows and attacks one of them but it's a sting - she's an undercover cop and he's busted. So it's him on the floor at the end getting arrested. It's a much better film than my recounting of it here although John has still to come up with a final edit he's satisfied with.