23 August 2005

Finglish Birthday Card (New Stuff!!)


I did this yesterday. It probably needs some explaining. It's for the 5th birthday of a Finnish boy, the godson of my partner. When he and his family (including 2 sisters and an older brother) came to visit in July, his oldest sister (aged 9) tried to teach me a little Suomi by writing out flash cards - 'koira = dog', 'hevonen = horse' etc. To demonstrate that I understood I would combine the words into daft little doodles - lisko-mies for lizard-man was the first and best. Thus was born pallo-poika - ball-boy, the boy with the football head. Just before they left I learned that my partner's godson had nicknamed me Haju-Hemmo. The good news being that Haju-Hemmo is his affectionate name for his brother. The bad news - Haju-Hemmo means 'Stinky-Lad'. Anyway, that's what the card means and how it came about.

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