23 August 2005

GoG#96 appendix i - extract from the royal archive


Painted in the year of Kevin's victory and accession, Kevin Shows Mercy to the English King depicts a fictionalised account of the surrender and capitulation of the English at Conisboro. At the foot of the hill upon which stands Conisboro Castle, the primary residence of Kevin and His successors, Kevin spares the life of the English King in return for the English King's recognition of Kevin's divine right to rule over His fatherland and its people free from English interference. Kevin is flanked on His right by the key to His military successes, the loyal and brave First Rotherham Sikh Revolutionary Raiders (later the First Sikh Royal Guard). In the centre of the picture, Kevin is joined by General Singh, leader of The FSRG, while the jubilant, newly liberated southern tykes stand to the left of Kevin. The artist was later denounced by Kevin as disloyal for depicting General Singh at the same height as Kevin and, fearing for his life, the artist (reputed to be staunchly pro-white-rose and anti-English) exiled himself to London. He later died in the notorious Sheffield Tram Incident which also killed General Singh. How the exiled artist came to be in Sheffield, let alone tied to the same tram line as General Singh at 3am on a Whitsun Bank Holiday Monday, has never been satisfactorily explained.

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