22 August 2005

GoG#96 chapter one - Weak Flesh

(From April 2004)


Now read chapter two, not forgetting appendix i.

This is the beginning of an attempt to transform a 'not sure what to do with it' short story (Guild of Ghostwriters Number 96) of about 7000 words into a a picture story in parts, hopefully coming in at around 120 pages. I started it in April last year but lost momentum after the second chapter and it remains stalled there more than a year later. The main problem is I that have no idea what to do with it - as I re-read the original story with a view to converting it I realised that I really liked it in prose form which removed much of the impetus for converting it in the first place. Recently I wondered about canabalising these 'picture story' chapters, adding to them and using them as illustrations for the original story. But then I'm quite attached to the work I've done on the picture story and don't want to abandon (some) of it. So perhaps I should just rediscover the momentum (when I discover the time) and complete the damn thing. But then the kind of stuff I do has changed so much in the 16 months since I started it and I wonder about starting again doing it all in colour. I dunno - too many options, too many buts, too much attachment and nothing getting done. If anybody would care to relieve me of some of the responsibility and stress of deciding (in a totally false and delusory kind of way), please feel free to chip in with your tupenorth. I'll even send you a copy of the original story if you want. All suggestions/requests/arse-kicks aimed at guildofghostwriters at gmail dot com.


Natalie said...

Dem, you already know what I think of this strip and I'm proud to say you sent part of it to me before posting it on your blog. I do know SO well the quandary of leaving a work aside for a long while then wondering what to do with it , all the doubts, questions etc.
My suggestion, whatever it's worth, would be to go on with it, taking it up exactly where you left off and getting back into that spirit. This doesn't mean abandoning your prose version. It's just a completely different work. The strip has a life of its own that could exist happily alongside the original, but not blended into it.
Recently I got the graphic novel "City of Glass" which is a graphic adaptation of Paul Auster's novel, drawn by Paul Karsik & David Mazzuchelli. It's a small paperback published by Faber & Faber. See it if you can. Just for stimulation, though it's nowhere near like yours (I honestly think yours is more original).

Dem said...

Thanks Natalie. I think you're right - I suppose half of the problem is that as soon as I'm sure one particular solution is right, I think of another (I'm sure you're familiar with that as well). So, when I can find or make the time (which is the other half of the problem) I'll just continue it and finish it. It's not like I don't know where it's going - just not sure what it looks like yet! Anyway, thanks for your help...