25 August 2005

M. B-B in "Absinthe Makes..." final part (New Stuff!!)

(Part one, two, three, four and five)


So it all comes to a fizzled cop out end - sorry!

Tomorrow I'm off to Yorkshire with daughter and suomalainen nainen for several nights under canvas (well, ripstop nylon) and a Dales' sky devoid of the rainclouds currently cluttering the Merseyside blue. This means there'll be nowt going on here for at least the next seven days. 'Pon my return I won't enjoy the same daily, broadband access I've had for the last few weeks so updating may well revert to the sporadic, once per week-ish it was before July. Please keep checking me out though because the summer has renewed my appetite for this blogging lark and I want to keep this place ticking along with regular updates and new material. To purloin a cliche, watch this space...

Until September, moi moi!


Natalie said...

I'll be watching, Dem. Hope you're having a sparkling, crackling, delicious holiday.

The drawing in thi strip is fabuloso.

Dem said...

Thanks Natalie and the holiday was ace except that it has made me allergic to cities.