4 August 2005

Them Media Types

Back in April 2004 a regular on the site asked about the different media I used and this was my reply...


I use pencil a lot - pretty much everything I do starts out as a rough pencil sketch then gets rubbed out when I've inked it. Sometimes this makes me a bit sad because I think the pencil version is the best but it doesn't scan very well and of course smudges away over time.



I rarely use pastel. It leaves marks on the scanner glass. Likewise charcoal. And the various credit card companies have stopped sending me free biros so I no longer own any.



When I first started out I did pretty much everything with drip pen and ink. I considered my self a purist and the experience of drawing this way to be a spiritual one something akin to meditating. It was also very slow and messy so now I use 'pigment liners' (disposable ink pens with different thicknesses of nib, usually water- and lightproof). The drawings belows were some of my earliest efforts using pigment liners.


These days, unlike those days, I also use gouache watercolours a lot - the banner at the top of the blog is an example of gouache work, as are last year's Xmas cards and When I Was small.

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