16 September 2005

Only The Bath Has Been Changed...

(From June 2004, the moment I realised my memory was working well enough to try amateur theatre again...)


A couple of things - have been in North Wales with Suomalainen Nainen and her parents improving my spoken Finglish (my spoken Finnish is sub-toddler - basically I can point at things and sometimes say their name - "Horse (hevonen), lisko (lizard) etc"), hence the unannounced AWOL. Also, I fiddled with blogger template so I could have a 'read more' thingy for the Wayne Rooney gag but it seems to have added 'read more' to every single entry, even when there is no more to read. Apologies to any and all who have clicked this in vain. I shall remove it as soon as I work out how.


Jan said...

Do they have lizards in North Wales?

Dem said...

I don't know - didn't see any - but they have lizards in Wavertree.