23 September 2005

Self Pity - blind in darkness/seeing through gloom

(These, from June 2004, illustrate a state of mind and existence I endured then and had hoped I was putting behind me but alas they also feel slightly less irrelevant than I would have hoped more than a year later. Please make sure you read them both...)




-Dias (Calintz) said...

i know its hard to understand but i know exactly how you feel and evern though you may say that its impossible, and your the only one who can feel the way you do and everyone is just lying to you to make you feel better, im not i have come to terms with the futility of my life and its existance and now simple exist to be, but the next time you feel alone and unloveable anf pointless just remember, people are the key to life. just go to a coffee shop and talk to someone anyone you odnt even have to know them just talk to a stranger and tell them that it was pleasent just to be able to talk to them and they will understand that they helped you in a small way but really you helped yourself. because in this world all we have are relationships. and i have learned not to ponder on anything...... even existance

Dem said...

Hey thanks -dias (calintz), it's really good of you to take the time to leave this comment. These strips are actually a couple of years old now but I do occasionally find myself dipping my head back in this ditch of despair and your advice is very sound but more importantly, it was very kind and decent of you to share it with me. All the best to you and yours.