26 October 2005

M. B-B in "The red and blue pills"

(From July 2004, the second 'Matrix' inspired M. B-B adventure...)


22 October 2005

Reverend 'Hypocrit' Stimson Preaches

(This, from July 2004, came about when somebody missed the point of the Proper Jobs strip and accused me of hypocrisy for listing 'Reverend' as a potential proper job...)


19 October 2005

M. B-B in "There Is No Spoon"


(From July 2004, after munching magic mushrooms then watching The Matrix for the first time ever...)

14 October 2005

Very Quickly

I've been depressed, largely due to an inability to sleep, and so here are some old things to fill the otherwise gloomy void (I;m feeling less depressed now 0 blame alcohol)...





(All from August 2004, when my brilliant daughter Petunia Petelbaum came to stay...)

7 October 2005

Hi Diddle Di Dee

(Originally posted July 2004 when I decided to dip my toe back into the tepid waters of provincial amateur dramatics...


...prompting pondering of some wrong ways...


...and an idea for a future right way for learning lines...


...and making some radical scalp revision necessary - incorporating more mushroom madness...


...though I never did draw or blog on mushrooms)

4 October 2005

Bespoke Blog Graphics (Suits You!)

So long ago I can't exactly remember when, I offered to help spruce up Caitlin's blog with some new graphics. For a variety of reasons, the stuff we came up with never got used but recently they were shown of on Caitlin's blog and so I feel it's okay for me to show them off as well. Please feel free to contact me if you feel your own web presence would benefit from a Guild of Ghostwriters makeover.

Caitlin's idea was to have an image playing on a second meaning of 'flat at the top of the stairs' and so I drafted a few ideas for her to pick from.




Caitlin preferred the final image but wanted something horizontal to go along the top of the blog.


I provided a selection of cat skins for her to pick from...


...and the blank cat was patterned to produce the final banner.