14 October 2005

Very Quickly

I've been depressed, largely due to an inability to sleep, and so here are some old things to fill the otherwise gloomy void (I;m feeling less depressed now 0 blame alcohol)...





(All from August 2004, when my brilliant daughter Petunia Petelbaum came to stay...)


Natalie said...

Great to see those beautiful drawings again.
But what's all this gloom talk?
When you've got such a gift
how can you not be thrilled?
And I thought
you'd given up
the booze

Vickie said...

Hey sweet Dem. Sorry you've been struggling with sleep deprivation and depression. The same here - to some extent.

I love your art - as always - it moves me.

Hugs....hope the Sandman visits you soon.

Dem said...

Hey Natalie - had given up most drugs but still occasionally dabble with booze. It's nicotine, marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy that I've quit - for now at least. I'm very tempted to do some mushrooms because they're therapeutic and remove all cravings but this conflicts with my desire to be clean. Hey ho. I'd like to give up the blues but the blues doesn't wanna give up me - I think sleep, activity, work, creativity and the removal of stress might help but it's just a theory.

Hey Vickie - sorry you've been bluesy too. Hope it turns yellow soon.