11 November 2005

What am I doing?

I'm sorry there's been a bit of a hiatus. A visit to Doncaster accounted for part of it and since then I've been wondering what I'm doing. You see, posting old stuff doesn't really feel like blogging. If I was posting loads of new stuff then it might feel a bit more like blogging but I'm not making heaps of new stuff to post. I guess I'm feeling flat, depressed, out of ideas. I'm not a proper blogger which I guess is at least one of the reasons this isn't getting the popularity, support and comments the old place used to get. I have nothing to say and nothing to draw. On the positive side, I have a part in a play which will further reduce the time and desire necessary to keep this place ticking over. I know from reading and doing this for over two years now that most people at some point hit a wall of apathy, indifference, nothing-to-sayness, life in a rut and it's boring saying it over and over again.

I'll keep re-posting old stuff while there's still old stuff to post but that won't take very long. After that, if I still feel this flat and lifeless, I'll give this place a rest until my sails fill with wind and my head with ideas.

In the meantime, here's some art from a letter back in April or May...

letter art


qB said...

Hey Mr Dem... don't worry. As long as it isn't you head filling with wind. And actually there's little need to explain. Thanks to the joy of RSS when you resurface there'll be a virtual bouy to mark the spot.


Psychbloke said...

Too true ....
Hey, I was pleased when you rose from the dead before.
Remember that Guild of Ghostbloggers? - I loved that!
I looked forward to everyone's drawing so much (not just mine - I was day two anyway....)
seems like a long time ago.....
Why aren't you drawing anymore?

Natalie said...

I echo both qb and psychb.
What else can I say? When encouragement doesn't work, a kick up the arse might.
Glad you're going to be on stage again. That might be an incentive.
Hope life is treating you well.

Rockchild said...

I've been having a hard time to trying to blog for over a week, because I had fur glued to my fingers! Drawing is getting harder for me to do, so I'm gona try to change my style a little bit so instead of drawing normal portraits I'm gona try to draw people having fun, like having fun at a party, joking around, or playing concrete football on the concrete.

I hope you feel better soon, Dem!

Dick said...

Late on this post after a hiatus of my own.

When I get jaded, I just bail out for a couple of weeks from time to time - although this time it was largely circumstantial - & that generally clears the weeds. It's great to see the old stuff again, Dem. Loved it then, love it now. But are you simply not drawing any more?

I hope that the ennui lifts. Your old pals are all still out here & would miss you if you jumped ship.

Dem said...

Hey everybody - sorry to have been sullen and ignorant in response to the comments. I haven't really had the heart for this at all lately. I hope you understand and don't cross me off your lists.

I haven't been drawing because I'm lazy and bereft of ideas. I have done odd bits of drawing actually but I'm just struggling to gain any kind of momentum. Thanks for your concern/comments etc.

Regarding the guild of guestbloggers - I'll repost all the contributions in the new year if all contributors are happy for me to do so. And if anybody fancies making some new contributions, my inbox is open to all suggestions.