12 December 2005

Latest Card (New Stuff)


I meant to include this with the other post about cards but forgot to put it on the cd-rom I use to transport my stuff from home to library so it was temporarily excluded. Obviously, this was a housewarming card for Janne & Meri. Unlike Antti and Elina (the recipients of the cards in Wednesday's post), I have never met Janne & Meri and had to work from photographs. For that reason, it was pretty gratifying to find out that Meri, while otherwise thrilled with the card, noted that I had got her upTighT pose down to a 'T' and complained that Ms. Suomi-Suolmate must have been slagging her off (she hadn't - 'twas just happenstance, a mighty force throughout the universe). While I'm talking about Wednesday, I managed to whip a greed related strip up for the magazine brief I mentioned and have just emailed a lossy of it to the editor at the magazine so please cross your fingers/do whatever invokes your gods of good luck and deserved favourable fate on my behalf (no human or animal sacrifices though please). If they accept it, I'll post it up here once it's published. If they don't, you'll see it in the new year. For now, please excuse me while I go back to watching my mobile phone...

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