7 December 2005

More Cards (New Stuff)

Most of the very little I've been doing lately has been customised cards for friends of Ms. Suomi-Suolmate. Here are a couple of recent examples:


Antti is in a band in Finland - quite popular over there and they even played the Cavern club here several times a few years ago (before I even knew they existed, sadly) - so this idea seemed an obvious one when I was asked to make a birthday card for him.


Elina has just completed her MA in Helsinki - the Finnish text on the banner says something like 'Helsinki University Graduation'. The MA has something to do with marketing but involved Elina interviewing loads of Nike sponsored sporty Finns, including various England based footballers. Elina is typical of many football loving Finns (ice hockey and beer drinking are the national sports of Finland) in that she fervently supports Liverpool FC. So all those elements conspired to conjur the above idea from my befuddled and neglected imagination when Ms. S-S wanted to congratulate Elina.

When I print the cards, I always incorporate this logo on the back:


If anybody out there has more money than sense and an impending special occasion, get in touch and I'll see what I can come up with. In the meantime I've just been briefed to produce something about 'greed' for a student magazine and my mind is drawing blanks...


Psychbloke said...

Whoah..... thought we'd lost you there......

Jan said...

Wonderful stuff Dem. Love it, thank you.

Dem said...

Hey psychbloke

I did wonder for a while whether I should knock it on the head, especially after working out from my stats that my 9 year old daugher had thoroughly browsed this place and all it seamier undertones but hey ho, at the end of the day it's the only way I have of geting my work 'checked out', my only shred of self esteem.

Heyup Jan - thanks! Hope all's well with you and yours and your studies are still fun and going well.