21 December 2005

'Tis the season to eat jelly

My scanner and I are parted until the New Year so I'm unable to present you with owt new and topical of a non-textual nature. Actually, I do have one new and vaguely presciently topical (as in it will be topical come January) thing but it's hopefully gonna be in a magazine so I feel it would be wrong to show it here before it's printed there. Whether or not it's printed there all depends on advertising - adverts are more important than comic strips so if somebody buys the space allocated to me I get spiked. I feel I've almost come over all vacuous meeja wanker using terms like 'goes to bed' and 'spiked' but I'm not sure what they mean.

Anyway, if I had a scanner handy I would show you the following:

- Berlusconi got it completely wrong - Finnish food is ace! I spent several hours of Sunday stuffing myself with Scandinavian Yule grub at the Scandinavian Seaman's Church in Liverpool and everything was fantastic and abundant. My favourite thing was rossoli (which Ms. Suomi-Suolmate is making for Christmas dinner, enjoyed on 24 December in accordance with Finnish tradition). I'm discovering that beetroot is a terribly unpopular vegetable for something so delicious and healthy. Even moreso than sprouts;

- the homemade potato print wrapping paper I shall spend this afternoon making (which has more to do with being a broke half-Yorkshire skinflint than owt else);

- the various pleasures of finally finishing the Lone Wolf & Cub saga almost 20 years after I first started reading it, stumbling upon Thursday Next and rapidly devouring every morsel of her adventures, watching The Man Without a Past on dvd and the BIG SCREEN (well, the slightly bigger screen of the Nordic Film Society in the basement of the aforementioned church), discovering that black-pudding tastes pretty good after all for something that's ostensibly a scab and, of course, my continuing love affair with Ms. Suomi-Suolmate. (I couldn't be arsed to provide links for the books and films so cut and paste the bold stuff into Google).

Before I leave you with some old and new delights for your eyes I would like to point out to anybody wealthy and philanthropic (or wealthy and seasonally drunk) that I have made an amazon wishlist and linked to it from my sidebar. I don't need anything from the list but all the items listed will improve the quality of work you receive here in one way or many.

In January this blogspot home of GoG is a year old and I shall mark the birthday the same way I marked the birthday of the original GoG - I shall reprint the Guild of Guestblogger contributions kindly donated by so many of my blogging chums. If anybody would like to add some new stuff to the visual smorgasbord, email me thus - guildofghostwriters (ampersand) gmail (dot) com.

So - the ghostwriters of Christmas past (sorry I haven't made time to do something new...):

boxing dayfb

And a small taster of the ghostwriter of Christmas present:

Merry whatever to all!


Psychbloke said...

Yeah.....Merry Whatever Dem!

Plumpernickel said...

Happy New Year!

Coup de Vent said...

Hi Dem, happy new year and all that.

Good to see some of your stuff up here. I've been Out Of Circulation for a while but am working out a way back.

Hope all is well with you. Love the snowman cartoons.

Dem said...

Things are mostly very good thanks - I'm feeling positive and creative and energetic even with a cold and hangover. Glad to see you out of the mousehole again - and congratulations!