25 May 2005

Cards (New Stuff!)

Some things done since moving to Liverpool and which didn't make it onto the old blog - cards! First, a birthday card...


The following are gouache versions of posts I made in December 2003 which I turned into Christmas cards for December 2004...

boxing dayfb

crucified santafb



And finally, that last card painted again in Finnish...


20 May 2005










This was my second (and to date, only other) attempt at rescuing an old and not very good poem by turning it into a strip and so far this is my favourite of all the work I have done. This was originally created and appeared in March 2004.

Since then it has had a little bit of life beyond the www. First of all a friend who still works at the callcentre in question printed it out and took it into work. It was well received there and those who had read it began to say 'Back to the treadmill' at the end of their breaks. His sympathetic boss also saw it and said it was good but to be careful because if any higher management caught somebody reading it they would probably be sacked. I'm quite proud of these wee facts.

Then, last autumn, I entered it into a local (local being Doncaster) open art competition and it was accepted and displayed in the Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery from October last year until January this.

18 May 2005

Heavenly Aeroplane

This was my second karaoke doodle, a bush arbour hymn performed by The Watersons. Obviously, I'm only responsible for the pictures - I'm not sure who wrote the words. I encourage everybody to track down The Watersons' recording of this song, play it loud and sing along. They're like a Yorkshire version of the equally wonderful Staple Singers in that they have that beautiful harmony that only people related to each other, who have sung together since infancy, have.










16 May 2005

Hot Cross Bunny

(More old stuff - this from Easter 2004)


He's A Patron Saint

(This, like the preceding posts, is a repost from last year on the original Guild of Ghostwriters...)


The Animals Will Feed Themselves...

Right at the start of this blog I did several things involving Jesus and for a while I planned to have an ongoing strip featuring the well known Palestinian carpenter and 'thought for today' merchant. Sadly the idea got spiked. Several months later I found some of the sketches of Jesus and noticed that one of them looked a lot like my Uncle Ade the Victorian (that's Victorian as in the Australian place as opposed to as in the olden time).

The moment I arrived in Australia at the rear end of 1999, Ade (cynical journalist and excellent anecdotalist) began to bombard me with tales of the life threatening wildlife I was likely to encounter on a daily basis in the bush/car/shower/bed. By the end of our 90 minute drive from the airport to Maldon ('Australia's First Notable Town') I imagined myself killed, carved up and eaten by an ant, an arachnid and a snake following a beating from a 'roo and a sulk from a hungover koala (never call em bears) the moment I stepped out of the car.


I later realised this was a rite of passage for visiting poms whose experience of danger is usually limited to drunken teenage mobs, traffic and MRSA in hospitals following a beating from a drunken teenage mob/a bump from some overzealous traffic. That's not to say Australia isn't a dangerous place - it has drunken teenage mobs and traffic all of its own. Just not as much. And randy magpies (an Australian brand of magpie, nothing like the 'one for sorrow, two for joy' types we have in blighty) may break your skull - during early spring they delight in dive bombing passers by resulting in two or three human deaths a year. Not to mention magpie deaths. One for sorrow, two for more sorrow, three for bloody scared and any more than that you're looking at a Hitchcock re-enactment. In some parts of Oz this danger is so severe the humans wear faces on the back of their heads to fool the magpies who only ever attack by sneaking up from behind.

As well as magpies there are sharks, schoolies, spiders, ants and snakes. I personally stood on a deadly poisonous brown snake although, sadly, nobody actually saw this feat (apart from the toddler-esque shriek and venomous fang evading 6 foot vertical leap) and that's the same as it not really happening at all to a family raised under the strict editorial policies of a cynical journo. Not to worry, a visitor to Oz will not feel left out if they have the misfortune to miss out on a near death experience of one kind or another - they'll still be able to boast of being eaten alive (almost) by a single aphid because pretty much everything bites like it's been stranded for years in the bush with nothing to munch on except an old jar of vegemite.

13 May 2005


Anybody remember chads? When I were a lad we were all chad mad. A well thought chad would make us glad but a chad that was bad would make us mad or sad. The disappearance of the chad might have something to do with growing apathy about politics or anti-vandal paint.


Or it might be a result of the Berlin Wall being knocked over by a load of eager David Hasselhoff fans. My schoolmate Leigh invented this wall-less chad long before the Berlin Wall fell over - I thunk up the words after it did.




This was a painting I did for the shoe project (which now, sadly, seems very quiet...) and was the first hand painted contribution used there.

6 May 2005


There's a bit of history to this repost from February last year. Basically, Jeremy asked her readers what their superpowers were in this post on her Live Journal, I replied and she produced this strip wherein my villainous alter-ego Dem Bonez was created, via Jeremy's imagination and talent. This strip was my response.





This won't be the last we see of Dem Bonez...

A Parliamentarian Blog

The following cartoon was magicked into being during January 2004 but was never published on the old GoG. It did appear (and may still be there somewhere) at Natalie's place as it was done in response to a challenge by Natalie and the original was sent to her as a thank you for a big boxful of art equipment she very lovingly donated to help me get started.