11 November 2005

What am I doing?

I'm sorry there's been a bit of a hiatus. A visit to Doncaster accounted for part of it and since then I've been wondering what I'm doing. You see, posting old stuff doesn't really feel like blogging. If I was posting loads of new stuff then it might feel a bit more like blogging but I'm not making heaps of new stuff to post. I guess I'm feeling flat, depressed, out of ideas. I'm not a proper blogger which I guess is at least one of the reasons this isn't getting the popularity, support and comments the old place used to get. I have nothing to say and nothing to draw. On the positive side, I have a part in a play which will further reduce the time and desire necessary to keep this place ticking over. I know from reading and doing this for over two years now that most people at some point hit a wall of apathy, indifference, nothing-to-sayness, life in a rut and it's boring saying it over and over again.

I'll keep re-posting old stuff while there's still old stuff to post but that won't take very long. After that, if I still feel this flat and lifeless, I'll give this place a rest until my sails fill with wind and my head with ideas.

In the meantime, here's some art from a letter back in April or May...

letter art



From September 2004 when some weird stuff was going on in my head - well, in my eyes anyway - the world unravelling into ribbons of coloured light, or narrowing to a tunnel of light and pain. Apparently it was some kind of migraine and thankfully they moved on to bother some other poor sucker soon after they came.