9 January 2006



I've never really done New Year resolutions. I generally think if something is worth resolving then it's worth resolving now. However, in early January 2005 I stopped smoking canabis and nicotine because I wanted to and so they became "sort of" resolutions. In January 2006 I've reinstated the dropped practise of daily pages and am feeling a lot more positive about creativity and life generally as a consequence and so I felt moved to make the following list while the good vibrations persist. But if I don't manage em, I'm not going to get depressed about it because these are only "sort of" resolutions.


qB said...


That business about failure, it's so true.

Coup de Vent said...

Resolutions can be like trying on otufits to see how they fit or look. Maybe you could get An Artist's Smock? But what colour?

Natalie said...

Aye aye to all those. But making a list of resolutions is also to be avoided. As soon as there's more than one item on the list, it's almost guaranteed that none of them will be done.
Just one item, however, does stand a chance.

Anyway, Dem, it's terrific to see you've returned to blogworld with more oompah quantity and quality. Don't go away now.

Dem said...

qb - Hurrah indeed! (I like it when you stop by and hurrah)

CdV - or is it Triks in disguise? - I'd like an artist's smock in whatever colours they come in. I particularly like stripes and polka dots.

Natalie - I know what you mean but that's exactly why these are only 'sort of' resolutions - a list of good intentions and reminders for when things inevitably slow down/feel flat and grey.

Dick said...

Welcome back to the world of the quotidian blog, Dem. I'm looking forward to a tsunami of new words & pics!

Dem said...

Thanks Dick. I don't know about a tsunami but I'll do my best. How about a babbling brook's worth?