21 January 2006



In October 2004 my blog, the original Guild of Ghostwriters, was one year old and I was too busy rehearsing and performing A Few Good Men to do much to celebrate it. I asked various doodly types from my blogroll (and a few others offered) if they'd like to take over in a Guild of Guestbloggers doodle extravaganza and happily everybody said yes. There was no brief and there were no rules except that the contributions had to include some handmade art. Everybody made a real effort and my inbox was stuffed with virtual stacks of fantastic art. I felt great.

Soon after, I moved to Liverpool, lost contact with my webhosts and GoG disappeared. Since then, all that fantastic art has been sitting on my desktop with only me around to see it. As this resurrected GoG nears its first birthday, it's time to share again the stuff that made me feel great.

During the original Guild of Guesbloggers fortnight back in October 2004 I posted one image at a time. That's going to prove impossible this time because I don't have everyday home access to the internet and I'm too busy to run down to the library every day so I'm going to post each contributor's offerings in one post.

(Note to contributors: I haven't heard back from everybody I've contacted so I'm assuming that no news is good news and that your original permission to post your work still applies. If you discover your work here, didn't get my email and object to its inclusion, please email me (guildofghostwriters AT gmail DOT com) and I'll happily remove it. I'll apologise now that I won't be able to email you that your work is reposted and the permalinks - sorry!)

Enough waffle - bring on the doodles!

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