16 January 2006


This is the final painting completed (to date) for the leaving present and the one I'm happiest with. The top image is a photograph of the recipient's school in Finland. The bottom image is a rough copy of one of the photographs that was returned when I did an image search for 'kansakoulu' on google.fi. 'Kansakoulu' roughly translates as 'people's school' or 'nation's school' and was the education system in Finland up until the late 70s. The recipient of this leaving gift was educated under kansakoulu but most of her Liverpool-Finn (or Suomi-Scouse) friends are a good decade younger (she's a tad older than me) and so to them kansakoulu is the 'old school' system their parents edndured. Thus referring to her as kansakoulu was the injokey way of saying she's old school (or just old). I know the joke element of the injoke doesn't travel out very far but I'm still chuffed with the painting and hope she'll be chuffed with the gift even if I don't do any more paintings.


Natalie said...

I'm chuffed too, it's so lovely. She must have been mega-chuffed. Glad you are reappearing, Dem, don't stop.

Dem said...

Cheers Natalie. She hasn't actually seen any of the paintings yet and (unless somebody has tipped her off) doesn't even know they exist. She's visiting Li'pool around Easter so I'll give them to her then. I think I'm going to do one more painting and a cover which I'll obviously post here when they're done. No intention of stopping now!