6 January 2006


This is a leaving present for a Finnish friend who returned to Finland last summer. The original idea was to produce 6-8 A4ish gouache cartoons which she could frame and then print scanned copies of them in booklet form to show off. However, it stalled after I completed the first 4 paintings so I'm not sure whether to leave it at that or do the other 2 or 4 paintings. I have inked 2 and a bit of the incomplete paintings but lost momentum and subsequently faith in them and the whole project has remained stuck for the last 6 months. I have a more pressing project to distract me, and these don't need to be finished until she visits Liverpool in about 4 months time, so I'll decide what to do when this next project is finished. In the meantime, and crossing my fingers she doesn't stumble upon them, I'm posting the 4 pics I've finished so far.

My favourite part of this is the Liverpool waterfront which all scouses have told me is instantly recognisable. My least favourite bit is the red t-shirt which is supposed to be Andreas Baader - the wearer and I are always saying we want to print some Baader t-shirts because Guevara t-shirts are too commonplace and divorced from the life of the man.

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