11 January 2006


When every night was dopey drab and dreamless, I forgot just how mundane, silly and seemingly pointless most dreams really are. Still, it's nice to fly occasionally. Not so nice waking up fearing a ciggie/spliffy relapse.

For those who were around the old blog back in October 2004, and especially for those who participated in the Guild of Guestbloggers celebration of my first year of blogging/holiday from having to do owt to make my blog look (even more) beautiful (than usual), I'll be reposting all the guest contributions. I'll start in about a week. I've tried to email all the original contributors to make sure that there's no objection to me reposting but a few of them have bounced and it's possible that some email addresses have lapsed or whatever SO if you took part and haven't heard from me, please let me know (guildofghostwriters AT gmail DOT com) if you DON'T want me to repost your contribution or if you would like to make a new contribution either instead of or in addition to your original contribution. Any other inky fingered bloggers or blogreaders passing through and fancying a crack at the guest doodle blogging lark, please email reasonably proportioned (ie no more than 250k per doodle, max about 700 pixels wide) scans of doodles to me and I'll almost certainly be happy to include them (and thanks to those who've replied already...)


Simon said...

Interesting. I rarely remember dreams and pretty much haven't since the "going to school with no trousers on" dreams from my primary school years. Then again I wore short trousers all the way through primary school so maybe those dreams were based as much in reality as anxiety anyway. Long live the doodle!

Dem said...

Heyup Simon. Long live the doodle indeed! I was surprised, when I first moved to Liverpool, to see kids going to and from (mostly Catholic) Primary Schools in short shorts even in the freezing-est depths of winter - my C of E Primary allowed long trousers even in the 70s. I've never had any naked anxiety dreams - just smoking anxiety dreams. Flying dreams are always my favourite - or the 'lucid' dreams where I realise I'm dreaming and take control.