2 February 2006

A Short History of Illustrated Headers

As so often seems to be the case, the inspiration for this brief post (marking the end of the original guild of guestbloggers re-posts) comes from psychbloke. He recently posted the various banners he's used to stamp his personality onto his portion of the blogosphere and so I'm doing the same:


This pencil drawing was my first attempt at a home made hand-drawn banner for the original GoG. Sadly the dimensions weren't really suitable so it never got used. Thankfully it wasn't a complete waste of my time as I was able to salvage the 'Wooo!' ghostwriters figure that has become my avatar (or whatever they're called).


Familar to the few who have been with me for the duration - the first hand-drawn banner that actually got used on the original GoG.


A pastel banner with a very short lifespan, from Autumn 2004.


My first gouache banner, defaced with the aid of Paint (the software that comes free with Windows as opposed to the colourful stuff) and usurping the shortlived pastel banner.


The undefaced banner which the old GoG sported from the end of the Guestblogger extravaganza until its demise in December 2004. The reborn blogger GoG (which you're now perusin) soon put on this coat:

It feels a bit like all those different Doctors in Dr Who. Maybe I'm due a regeneration...?

1 comment:

Psychbloke said...

Unlike the good Doctors, I'm pleased to say I was there for the original......