9 February 2006

Some illustration work that came up this week... (not work, school or child safe!)

Believe it or not I spent most of yesterday drawing and painting 3r3ct p3nis3s. And a chin. And not just for the sake of it, because I'd been asked to do so by the magazine I mentioned earlier this week. The next issue (out early March) includes and article about phobias and they asked various artists to illustrate some of the stranger ones. I chose ithyphalophobia, the fear of seeing, thinking of or having an 3r3ct p3nis, and geniophobia, the fear of chins. I thought they were made up but apparently they're boner fide phobias. Aware that human 3r3ctions are illegal in UK media, I gaussian blurred (don't ask me what it means - it's an effect in paintshop) out the offensive members in the hope that it would render them palatable to the censor.


I dropped them off at the magazine this lunchtime and they decided to go with the one below - WITHOUT the blur! Which means I'm free to show you these blurry versions. I'll post the chin - and perhaps the uncensored versions, depending on my courage (I'm getting paranoid even now as I sit in the library, my screen full of cartoon 3r3ctions) - after the magazine has been published. Sorry if my representations of god-made human anatomy (exagerated slightly offend!




Anonymous said...

Well done! Love the pun, didnt want you to think no one noticed. Good to see you are busy and happy.


Dem said...

Thanks Jan - I'm glad somebody noticed it. Hope you're busy and happy too!