28 February 2006

Unconscious Art...

...or Paint Doodles to those of you not fluent in Head-Up-Arse-ish.

Whenever I'm painting, the parts of the paper not given over to the important bits tend to get used for testing and experimenting before I go ahead and spoil my expensive paper and its painstakingly rendered drawing. Over the time that I've been painting with gouache I've grown quite fond of these accidental artworks - fond enough to want to preserve and celebrate them in some form.

The new banner above and the scribbled over ghostly title at the the top of the sidebar (I'm not sure if they're staying yet but they'll remain there at least until I make up my mind) are the very doodles I'm on about, as are the painty scribbles illustrating this post. These examples all grew like pretty weeds in the margins and waste-spaces of the numerous illustrations for the book I keep mentioning (does it sound like I'm quite chuffed and excited about what I've done? Well I am!).

I might post more of this stuff as and when it appears on my pages.

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