5 March 2006

Still busy painting illustrations for the book...

...but very close to finishing. Only one and a half paintings left to do. Then all the scanning, dtp-ing etc to magically transform 20-odd odd illustrations into a spiffing children's book. After that I need to paint a realistic gnome for somebody else's book cover (and hope the book is published), finish the leaving present and start work on another children's book idea that started camping in my head a few weeks ago. Sadly I haven't done owt new for here though so you'll have to make do with this illustration.


Stop by soon for a series of posts explaining how to make a book from only universal sparks. And paper. And some pencils, ink, gouache, a pc, and the wwworld.


Natalie said...

Dem, it's all looking fabulous and it's great to see you're back in fine creative form.
Love the marginal/accidental art too.

Am eager to see/hear about your book experience with Lulu as I'm going to use them too. Let me know?

Dick said...

All good fortune with the publishing overtures, Dem. They'd be fools to turn your offerings away. But then not everyone's as bright & enlightened as thee & me! (Or Natalie, of course...)