24 April 2006




Lolabola said...

Just wanted to tell you I bought your book and finally got it and it's super cool! So happy I stumbled upon your web site.

Dick said...

The book's gone down really well, Dem. An already tattered copy, pages stapled together, rests on the windowsill with Thomas, Postman Pat & Babar.

Dem said...

Thanks lolabola - I might just use this comment as an endorsement for the book when I finally find time to make a link to it in the sidebar.

Thanks for letting me know Dick and sorry I've not replied to your two earlier comments - I haven't had much online time on the last few weeks so what time I have scrounged tends to be devoted to rushed necessities but I appreciate your comments and I'm glad R & R enjoy PP.

Maitokivi said...

Tykkään töistäsi ja sarjakuvistasi aivan ÄLYTTÖMÄSTI!!!
Hienoja!!!! Great!!!


Dem said...

Hei Maitokivi! Kiitos paljon!!

I had to get Ms Suomi-Suolmate to translate this because I read/speak/understand very little suomea. I really like the artwork on your blog even if I don't understand any of the text.