3 April 2006

Book Cover Project

At the weekend Easter takes me east where I'll have neither the means to translate my doodlings to a computerised form nor a portal to this wwworld so that I can parade them before your eyes. Also, the person whose office I have taken to squatting in order to shove my electronicated doodles through the protal and before your eyes (Ms Suomi-Suolmate) goes away on a field trip tomorrow until the weekend and so my access to this wwworld will be curtailed even before I head east. In other words, this place might be a bit quiet after today. And so, I'm going to dump a few things here all in one go to keep you going in case I don't get the chance to post again for a few weeks.

This first post was a 'sort of' commission. One of Ms Suomi-Suolmate's many friends back in Finland has written a children's book and asked me to do a cover for it having earlier received a hastily put together housewarming card from me (well, from us but made by me). The book is about elves or gnomes that live in Lapland and help Father Christmas. We're not sure if they're elves or gnomes because words for the smaller offshoots of humanity don't always translate properly and I'm not really sure what these are - obviously in Anglophone cultures elves are traditionally employed by Santa but these Finnish Santa proletarians seem more like gnomes (not the garden variety) to me. Anyway, she needed the cover quite quickly because she finished the book sooner than expected and wanted to send it to prospective publisher along with the manuscript. Also, she asked for something a bit more realistic than the cartoony stuff I normally do.

I painted this with a combination of artist's watercolour and designer's gouache. Along with a couple of test pictures it took about a fortnight. I'm not all that happy with it - with a bit more time to experiment and mess around I feel I could have done a better job - especially with the snow covered pines that dominate the central area of the image.

Meri, however, was delighted with it. I made a couple of adjustments to the image and mocked-up various book covers and sent them all off to her on cd. These are all lossy jpgs because the original files are massive.

Now I just want everybody to cross their fingers that the book is published quickly (as it so obviously deserves to be) and the publishers use my cover.

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Augustine said...

More luverly art from you, Demmo. Best of wishes and luck for this cover and the book underneath it. And a very happy Eastertide to you and yours.