27 May 2006

General Stuff

I haven't been finding/making much time for online over the last few weeks, hence the lack of updates/comment responses lately (not that I've had a whole lot of comments to respond to!). This will probably be the case for the next month or so but hopefully I will have a broadband connection from home starting some time over the summer (I'm moving to Wavertree at the start of July because the owner of the Manx isn't renewing contracts) and then I'll be able to chuck myself into blogging as of yore.

I've neither forgotten nor finished the 'How to make a book' posts but I'm a bit stuck - the next post will be about making the pages in Photoshop and I'm not sure how to tackle it and how much detail to go into. You'll read it here when I've worked out what to do!

Because opportunities to blog are few and far between right now I'm making the most of this opportunity now and updating as many times as I have time for so sorry if it's a bit of a dump and please make sure you scroll down and read everything...


Natalie said...

Dem, where are you???

Dem said...

Sorry Natalie and everybody - for a variety of reasons - mostly connected with moving - I just haven't had any opportunities to get to the library and do internet related stuff. I should be moved in and online from home within the next couple of weeks and then I'll update here and reply to your email about the lino-prints and generally catch up. Sorry for my rude absence in the meantime!