23 June 2006

castle gate back nov 89

I'm in the middle of moving which is proving hazardous, quite apart from all the stress and expense that moving usually incurs.

time machine

Delving into boxes that haven't seen the light of day for almost a decade. Some contain nice things - folders full of black and white negatives from the late '80s when I had free access to a dark room and got busy with my SLR. For the first time since I got it almost two years ago, I've been playing around with the negative scanning doohicky on my scanner. Okay they're mostly rubbish but I'm pleased with some of them (like the one of Tim below).

The not so nice stuff included two cassettes, also from the late '80s. Sadly I still have the means to give them voice and did so this morning. One was of me and a mate (the guy skinning up in the photo below) on a Radio Trent show called Here Be Dragons playing our selection of songs and talking to the presenter, John Shaw. The songs are good (well, mostly) but hearing my 18 year old voice saying 'Brilliant' every two or three words (and long before The Fast Show) was an ordeal I could have done without. I wouldn't mind but I recently read some old blog posts from the original GoG, found using the waybackmachine or whatever it's called, and they aroused exactly the same feelings of embarrassment and self loathing just as I suppose my current posts will 18 months or years hence. Hey ho - best stick to doodles!

tim hapenny bridge nov 89

castle gate fore nov 89


Dick said...

Spooky pics, Dem. You seem to be skinning up beneath a flyover in thick fog!

Good luck with the move. Will you have broadband in the new place?

Dem said...

Heyup Dick - luckily my prospective landlady has been kind enough to let me move most of my stuff ahead of my actual move date so much of the physical moving of stuff has already been done now. It's just emptying boxes and organising.

My mate Tim is skinning up under a really old toll bridge (called the ha'penny bridge) which has been reinforced with the stuff that makes it look like a flyover. It was 17 years ago, I had to fill a roll of film with 'available light' photographs for a photography course I was doing but pretty much the whole of Nottingham was invisible in thick fog. We stopped to skin up under this bridge to see if it would clear. The best picture was missed because my camera was in its bag - a swan drifted eerily by looking like it was floating on clouds. I took my camera out in case it or another swan levitated by and took the shot of Tim skinning up in his market trader's hat while I waited.

And yes - I now have broadband! Woot!