30 July 2006

Calling all GoG-ophiles...

For some time I've been thinking of lulu-ing up a 'best-of' this blog, featuring my (and hopefully your) favourite strips from the first n years of doodle-strip-bloggery. While it was just a thought a recent convert to GoG-ophilia (get thee to a nunnery?) suggested much the same thing and so I'm going to do it now-ish.

These are things I'm definitely going to include:

The navelgazer and creativity doodles from here, the paper blog, my blakean delusion, treadmill, gratuitous pussy, heartsd n minds, reasons for taking drugs, wordless thanks, proper jobs, blind in darkness/seeing through gloom, reverend hypocrit preaches, the inner critic, the elvys, all of the doodle
anatomies, four monsieur bohemian-bumbler strips, look ma, no hands!, self portrait after cindy sherman, the berlin wall chad gag here, kev shows mercy to the english king, the money and pencil adverticements, both george strips, feeling light headed, if you're holding onto a rising balloon and maybe a few odds and ends that never made it onto this reincarnated GoG.

These are things I'm not sure whether to include or not (which is where your input is required...):

The first ever doodle strip made specially for GoG, Y Don't U Do A Doodle Blog, The Substance of Love, Big Ugly Giant, the wrong ways to learn lines and escript doodles from here, flights, hot cross bunny, when I was small, love & 8, (un)creative metaphors, overwhelming urge to fly, I thought I was a butterfly, any excuses?, truth & beauty and halt fraid ladip!.

Is there anything I've missed which you'd want to see in it? Sadly I can't include the karaoke doodles for copyright reasons and the two serials, Guild of Ghostwriters #96 and the Kalevala comics, won't be included because I want to collect them in book form when they're completed, but let me know (in comments or email - see profile) if there are other things.


UPDATE: for a prize I have yet to decide the exact nature of, please suggest titles for the published collection. You'll get a credit in the book for doing so PLUS something made by me especially for you. Many thanks!


Molly Bloom said...

If I had my way, I'd put them all in. Can't you do that. I def. think 'Flights' should go in..and 'when I was small' - if I have to choose at allxx

Molly Bloom said...

And the hot cross bunny is wonderful too. Oh please don't make us choose.

Natalie said...

Go ahead and make the book! I agree with Molly, don't ask your readers to be your editors. You decide what goes in and what doesn't. Every person has different responses/tastes/favourites or least-favourites so if you rely on all those opinions, you'd never be able to decide. I'd say: follow your own editorial instinct.
Good luck and godspeed with it, do it!

Dem said...

Thanks Molly, Natalie! Doing cost comparisons on Lulu for the format I'm going to use it seems like after the initial 50 pages, every additional 50 pages only costs an extra dollar so I guess I should just jemmy in as much as I can. I'll get this done as quick as I can.

qB said...

Hurrah! Get that jemmy jemmying :-)

Natalie said...

You could take a title for the collection from one of your own titles for strips (as is somnetimes done in collections of short stories etc.) Herewith what I think could work:






Dem said...

Actually one of (alright, the only) idea that I'd been toying with was THE PAPER BLOG so maybe that's the one to go with. People are reading without suggesting though! Please suggest titles!

Dem said...

Actually, pertaining to jemmying, I now realise that I was pricing up B&W and with a colour book each additiional 50 pages is about 6 dollars so maybe I won't be jemmying in quite so much. The good news is it costs the same for 6" X 9" as it does for A4 so I can make it as big as it needs to be without worrying about the extra cost. Woot!