19 July 2006



Please dump your suggestions for additional moods incompatible with momentous decisions, and/or alternative acronyms, in comments and I will endeavour to draw something that corresponds.


(Ooh, and while I'm at it, if you've invited me to participate in a group blog recently and I've done nowt about it PLEASE accept my apologies - I'm struggling to generate enough new content for here just now but will hopefully chip in once I get momentum etc here. And thanks very much for the invites...)


doppelganger said...

Well....There you go then, my suggestion is 'popular'.....

Dem said...

Thanks! Are you going to think up some moods to go with the different set of letters?

doppelganger said...

now you got me confused.... bit like our time machine conversation while back....

Dem said...

Ah - no - it was me who was just having a heat inspired (that's my excuse) fick moment - you were suggesting 'popular' as incompatible for making decisions and I thought you were suggesting it as an acronym - doh and sorry!

Molly Bloom said...

I like the idea of the HuHaHe theory.

Whenever you make a decision...or have to make a decision, you usually don't make the right one..even though you think that you do. Whenever anything bad happens...it also applies. Whenever you fall out of love this applies. Whenever someone dies this applies. Whenever anything goes wrong this applies. Whenever you get ill this applies. Whenever you have a really bad day this applies. I won't go on...you get the picture.


That's what I say.

PS I just got your book in the post. It is lovely. My favourite part is the lovely pun on Tom Eddy's son and also the bit that made me choked up was the part with the two of them really, really small walking away.

Molly Bloom said...

I've just looked at your So Long Marianne post. That is truly superb.

Molly Bloom said...

I love the 'Lonely' part best.

Dem said...

Heyup Molly!

I'm glad you liked the book. I'm especially glad somebody liked the Tom Eddy's son gag because I always worry stuff like that is a bit lame and as long as it managed to choke you up somewhere along the line then I figure I've done something right - thanks for the comments!

HALT is something you come across a lot in anything to do with addiction, a strategy recovering addicts can use to help them avoid relapse. So if they're thinking of taking that drink, buying that bag of heroin or whatever, they'll hopefully stop and ask themselves if they're Hungry Angry Lonely Tired and if they are, put their urge to relapse in that context and hopefully not relapse. It's worked for me! If that doesn't work you try to give it 24 hours - I'll defer this decision for 24 hours and then see how I feel about it. Like all strategies for not doing yourself in though, when you're on top of things, you're mindful of em and they work. When you're not, well, get me the knot book! I'll try HuHaHe next time though and let you know.

Cheers! (And sorry I'm so lacking in credibility as to know not a single one from your quiz! It's me age...)

Molly Bloom said...

I'm sorry to sound a bit personal here but you sound as if you've had some ups and downs. God, me too. Know the feeling. Won't go into it here, but would love to talk to you about it some time.

I just hope you are happy. I think there is an underlying poignancy to some of your pieces. I think that is lovely though. Like the joy of seeing the two little miniature people walking away..but the soft sadness of it all.

I think that people who have had experiences...perhaps very painful...see things differently. It is a gift really. You can see the world in a way that is both magical and sad at the same time. It is like listening to your favourite sad song...it is joyful and uplifting..but heartbreaking at the same time.

If you ever need anything...please let me know.

Don't worry about the quiz...tis only silly..but fun. Kind of funny - the dialectic that exists between the 'art' or the creative writing (3 comments) and the quiz (105) - maybe it's an allegory for all life. Lol.

Dem said...

Thanks Molly - I really appreciate the reach out. Don't worry about me though. Like you say, I have bits of damage and mostly that adds character and appeal and perspective but sometimes it just fucken hurts. But the addiction stuff relates more to work I did than me - I used to work at an alcohol charity. The only addictions I overcame were nicotine and marijuana. Still struggling coffee and the internet.

If you ever need anything (anything from chat, virtual hug to piece of doodle for your ploki) you let me know too.

Anyway, thanks again and take care.

Molly Bloom said...

Well...those addictions aren't too bad..

Thankyou for the offerxxx

Natalie said...

I posted a long reply recently to your request for more acronyms/ days-not-to-take decisions-on but it has totally vanished. Now I can't remember the brilliant list I submitted. Sigh. It's dropped into that big black hole in cyberspace.

Dem said...

Oh no! The worst news I've had all week! Try and retrieve it with your brain!

Molly Bloom said...

How irritating when your comments disappear. That horrible moment when you've spent ages trying to think of something witty and intelligent and poof! gone in puff of blog ether.

Molly Bloom said...

I also think we should avoid all decisions when:

(In) childbirth - kill me! kill me! chop off my belly!

Starving - I'll eat that burger from that ice-cream van I will, I will, I will. Dontcha try and stop me!

In love - I'll give you all my money, sell my house, burn my chickens for you.


We can have Miami and New York versions.

Menstruating - pain, pain, kill me, kill me, kill me. I'll bite off your head if you talk to me. Go out the door and don't come back.

In the middle of kissing - mmmmmmm mmmmmm yes child, take the matches...they are in the top drawer next to the cleaver...mmmmmm.mmmmmmmm...

At a disco - I can dance. I can dance. I can dance. Yes I can. I'll dance with you. You smell of gravy...but yes...you look fine.

Mastur....(in secret)....yes honey..take my credit card...I'll be down in a moment. Buy that car...whatever.

In HMV - my head is fuzzy...I have no money...I want this Werner Herzog box-set ANYWAY!!


Natalie said...

Here goes, a reconstructed version of what I posted. If this one vanishes too, I give up.

The acronym was:
(pronunciation: shinylitchillbee)

Decisions not to be made when one is:

Not In Love
In Love

Dem said...

Thanks Molly, Natalie - I can see you've both thunk long n hard about it. Did I say I'd draw something to correspond with suggestions? That was foolish of me! I did it expecting the usual NIL response and forgetting my stint of being dad over the next week and a bit. So I will do it - just don't hold yer breaths!

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