28 July 2006


This is a bit of an experiment to see how coloured pencil works on watercolour paper because I don't like how it works on photocopy paper like wot I usually use. Obviously the text from "if you're hanging... keep a grip..?" is a quote from a film and no prizes for guessing what the film is (but please have a guess anyway...)

I'm in dad mode and not finding much time to doodle and blog for the next week or so but I'll do my best.


Molly Bloom said...

Dem...I love your balloon story. As always...my favourite part always has to be the part where everything gets really small. I love the idea of the tiny person in the universe...and when the little man goes floating off very high, I find it very poignant.

I love your work. There is that delicate interplay between humour and poignancy. I am always drawn to that.

I also really like the STOP sign part. Opens up a critical space. Where has he gone. Did he disappear and reach freedom in the sky or was he hurt and smashed into the signpost. Again...opportunities for happiness and sadness at the same time. I love that ambiguity.

Please tell me that he found a cloud to live on and that he's happy.

I love the watercolour paper. It makes for an interesting background texture.

Have a good time with your sonxxx

Molly Bloom said...

I've just been looking at your old stuff again. I could spend ages on here. I wish you could put it all together in a book. I would get one straight away. I really love those song lyric ones. I must tell my friend Minion as he loves So Long M. Brilliant work. I shall keep coming back to look at these again and again. They make me happy.

{Minion} said...

Withnail & I
the bit where he's begging for a downer because he's too high...

'they're selling hippy wigs in woolworths.'

'I spiked their onions'

wow, such great memories of that film....must find a copy of it and see if it's still as good...

{Minion} said...

btw your art? is cool too :)

Dem said...

Heyup Molly. I told my daughter last night that she has to fill in the gaps with her head and whatever she wants the ending to mean is right - the same applies to you so if that's how you want it to end, that's how it ends. For you.

We've been having a great time so far - I swam in the sea for the first time ever and now I've done it twice, once at Formby and once in Dinas Dinlle near Caernarfon. I want to swim in the sea all the time now - pools are for landlubbing cityfolk! Today we're heading off to a museum. She's been usurping me with her own comic strips most of which involve horrible accidents happening to Rose and I might post them if I can work out how - they're A3ish and my scanner isn't

Funnily enough I've been half planning to put a collection of old strips n stuff together using Lulu so maybe you can email me a list of what you'd want included. The lyrics ones couldn't go in for copyright reasons, sadly...

Heyup {minion} - spot on, Danny the Headhunter in Withnail & I. You can usually get it dead cheap on dvd - it's one of the perpetually on sale everywhere dvds I think. I'm glad you like the stuff here - thanks for taking the time to say.

Molly Bloom said...

Just a quick note to say that, that is how I imagined the story ending..so I shall have it like that.

You'll have to send me an e-mail so that I can e-mail you back. It's on the freecycle blog (see my links).

And yes...I do come from those parts. I'd be interested to know who your cousin is...probably know them! Small world!

Dem said...

Email sent - let me know if you know her.

{Minion} said...

:) just spent the day wandering round quoting various bits of Withnail at anything and everything.

'don't attempt anything without the gloves'

and the cake bit, we want cake - jukebox - finest wines etc.

my neighbours thinks I've gone a little doo-lally...

oh well, thanks for the blast from the past.

shall have to visit you more often :)

Alex said...

"That's politics, innit?"

Dem said...

hehehe - spot on.

Blimey - when I click to look at your blog profile Alex it just says FORBIDDEN 403 in very stern looking text.