4 August 2006



I keep typing something then deleting all the while my dip pen and half done project await in another room. I'm getting nowhere. You know that slaughter is wrong and revenge is evil and pointless so please click and sign (in the virtual sense) the petition.

Killing is wrong. A killing B because B or some of B's kind have killed A and A's kind first is wrong - perhaps a greater wrong because A knows the pain such killing causes and has chosen to perpetuate it. The proverbial vicious cycle. A kills B because B kills A. Maybe if A stops killing B then B will stop killing A. If A stops killing B and B doesn't stop killing A or vice versa then at least everyone will know the lie and perhaps support for their killing will dwindle instead of being endlessly fed by the angry bereaved vengeful. I know it's easy to say when thousands of miles away from bombs and bullets but that doesn't make it any less important or true. Anyway, that's it. I want to make art and jokes and friends and love and funny stories my daughter can chuckle or blush at, not half baked angry points about too much slaughter. Thank you if you read this far, and especially if you clicked and signed.


Natalie said...

Thanks for this, Dem. It matters to say it, it does matter.

kim said...

yes,it matters,and it does make a difference.
and i like the way you've said it. thanks for joining in.

Dem said...

Natalie, I know it matters to say it - I think it's massively important to say it and keep saying it - I'm just not convinced that any amount of saying it will make those we're saying it to change their minds. Even so, it must be said.

You're welcome kim, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment and sorry if I seem down on the whole thing.