24 September 2006

Take a cat...

take a cat gouache 1 of 4
take a cat gouache 2 of 4
take a cat gouache 3 of 4
take a cat gouache 4 of 4

The words in this are by Mikle. I found them on his blog, Unbearable, and knew straight away that I would make some kind of strip of them (with Mikle's permission) although I wasn't sure exactly what until I started it. And, pretty much as soon as I started it, Mikle's blog disappeared from the wwworld which is why I'm unable to link to it and the specific entry. Thankfully not all of Mikle's writing disappeared with his blog.

Oh, and I hope I don't have to point out that you shouldn't take this literally. Both Mikle and myself have had many dealings with cats and on no occasion have any cats, people or other creatures (except possibly wasps and ants in my case I'm sorry to confess) ended up flat.

UPDATE: I've just heard that Mikle has started another blog now,.... Also, this is up on Mikle's website.

16 September 2006

HALT FRAID LADIP! follow up the first - Popular


I was about to type 'a short while ago' but I actually checked and it was actually July so... Back in July when I posted HALTFRAIDLADIP!, I solicited suggestion for further moods, feelings, thoughts, conditions, states of mind etc where it's best to avoid momentous decisions. Me auld bloggin segotia doppleganger was the first to chip in with popular and this is my attempt at turning his inchip into a doodle. I am slowly getting around to all the suggestions I promise! Please feel free to re-read the original post and make your own suggestions for moods and acronyms for me to doodlerize.

10 September 2006

Nothing New Here - More Stuff Elsewhere

I'm sorry that I haven't done anything to show off here but there is something of mine up at Jeremy Dennis' The Weekly Strip, which popped into me head one morning while I was struggling to wake up and which, once it made it from ead to page, I call This Is Your Life..?. Jeremy's stuff is ace so if you go look at my thing, have a lengthy browse of all her wonderful stuff too while you're over there.

Other than that and raging at the ignorant heartless errors of red-tape all I've done lately is learn lines in bad oirish and struggle to find an example of the Wexford accent online. (So, like, if you know of one please show me where...)

3 September 2006

her feet smell 1 of 4

her feet smell 2 of 4

her feet smell 3 of 4

her feet smell 4 of 4

Like the guesty stuff I posted recently on the twin T & As, I've no idea where this came from. It was a silly rhyme that popped into me head and got scribbled onto scrap paper while watching my daughter draw her wonderful comics and I was dead set on turning it into a gouache and drip pen thingummy as soon as I got back to drip pen, paints, etc. Now I've done that it isn't quite the thingummy I had in mind when in my mind is all it was. Hey ho!

I'm in a play once again, stressed out beyond the bounds of good health and struggling to fit everything (everything being learning lines, eating and the like) in so please forgive me if this place ain't exactly humming with activity for the next wee while.