11 October 2006

Poor Beast in the Rain

I spent a lot of yesterday and this morning working on the poster and flyer for Poor Beast in the Rain, the play I'm in just now, so I thought I'd stick the fruits of my labours up here. Kind of a dual purpose thing - I haven't been doing a whole lot of (any) art apart from (and largely because of) the play so these posters will keep this place from looking like I've dropped off the edge of the planet and advertise what will be a cracking play to all of you who are going to come and see it...

poor beast in the rain poster
Poor Beast in the Rain flyer text

The design of the poster, and especially the wonderful idea of a crumpled betting slip with the title scribbled on it as if it were a doped nag, were not down to me but I'm really chuffedPoor Beast in the Rain poster photo with the end result because it was my amateur, unschooled Photoshop dabbling that arrived at the image above from the photograph you see here. The photograph was taken using a mobile phone belonging to one of the cast in the makeshift studio and dodgy light of the director's kitchen. As you can see, I had to purge an earlier attempt at writing the title, as well as the director's bike, clothes horse and kitchen floor, change the colour and add the name of the bookies where the play takes place.

There's an official launch do for the Irish Festival at the Philharmonic Hall tonight and we're performing a 'rehearsed reading' of the opening scene to whet appetites and drum up some business. I don't suppose that many 'local' people read this and even fewer of those that do will be at the 'invitation only' launch but please say hello to the bloke playing Joe if you are at the launch tonight and you've read this. When it comes to the actually performances though I don't care how far from local you are, you're coming or else!

Those links from the poster in clickable form: Liverpool Network Theatre and Liverpool Irish Festival 2006.

6 October 2006

The colourful comments of Pat Robertson and his conservative chums...

How long? Ooh about a month back, I reckon, I received a message in flickr:

garrett county press (www.gcpress.com) is publishing a coloring book in the fall. the coloring book is about the rhetoric of Pat Robertson and his conservative friends. to celebrate its release I'm asking favorite artists to "color in" panels from the book. the results will be displayed on powells.com. are you interested in participating?

gk darby

For those not from America and therefore ignorant, such as I, Powells is an independent bookshop and Pat Robertson is a twat. The colouring book is a selection of quotes by Pat and his chums with accompanying illustrations to colour in.

Anyway, I said yes and 'coloured in' a couple of pages for them. The one below is the one they decided not to use - I'll post the one they did use in a few weeks. We were told to interpret 'colouring in' however we wanted and to use as much or as little (indeed nothing if we wanted) of the page we were 'colouring in'.

I messed around with traditional and modern cutting and pasting, coloured in with pencils the old fashioned way and drew my very own Dubya Chimp to be Tinky's Civil Partner using pigment liners (not to mention the body of the fetish vicar).

Pat Robertson colouring book thingummy - the unused one

My payment is fame and glory via the Powells website, a sneaky preview of all the other wonderful colouring in from around the world (the urls of which I've had to promise, on pain of death, not to divulge - I think I'll be allowed to link to my faves once it's all public though) and a copy of the book itself would yeh believe through the old fashioned post.

Meantime I'm rehearsing, avoiding banks, starting a psycho dynamic therapy group and generally feeling rather shite.

Roll on summer sez I!