22 November 2006

Suksi suomi!*

I'm just a few hours off the plane from Tampere. It'll be a while before I get some of my art on here but in the meantime there'll be some very bad holiday snaps starting with this short vid of me skiing at Ms Suomi-Suolmate's family's summer cottage at Saarijärvi, near Loppi, Finland. Oh, and I fell over because the person with the camera only went and stood in my bleeding path. I mean, it was maim him or fall over. I'll bleeding maim him next time. If you look in the background at the end you'll see a contraption where Herra Lohi** is smoking so he can become my dinner later. Does my bum look big in that ski-suit?

* suksi suomi = ski finland!
** Herra Lohi = Mr Salmon


rr said...

Absolutely fantastic.

Inconsequential said...


i could never go to finland, scandinavia etc, 'cos i'd never be able to pronounce the place names i wanted to got to.

oh, and yes, it did look big :)

Dem said...

Well I'm glad you both liked it.

My spoken Finnish is considerably worse than that of Ms Suomi-Suolmate's 19 month old nephew but I find pointing and grunting tend to work well in most parts of the world. Especially Liverpool.