23 December 2006

Crafty Skinflint

Least said soonest mended? Actually I'm promising nothing - no more than this. Let's wait and see what happens.

Also actually, my words came back to haunt me just now because I couldn't sign in. It got stuck in a loop of redirecting somewhere and eternally coming back to the same place. It seems to be okay now that I added the appropriate url to the cookie exceptions thingy in firefox but I'm sure I did that last time this happened so I'm counting no chickens/turkeys/geese/nutloaves. Whatever happens, I guess it just serves me right for chucking me toys out the pram.

Anyway, I have not been making art or feeling much like making art. I have, with the help of Ms Suomi-Suolmate (who is currently suomi-side) making home-made wrapping paper. It's really easy - potato-prints onto broken-crown mending brown paper. I cut all the shapes onto the potatoes and we both participated in the printing. We used Ms Suomi-Suolmate's gouache paint - I don't think it's watercolour. My favourite is the pig and gift pattern - pigs are part of the Xmas imagery over in Finland in case you're wondering, as I was, presumably because they tend to eat them (joulu kinkku - I roasted one last year).

pig and gift home-made potato print wrapping paper

This angel and star print didn't scan too well which is a pity because it looks really good with the naked eye. Kind of delicate, subtle, classy. Classy in the way that angels with batman wings can be classy.

angel and star home-made potato print wrapping paper

This is the first one we printed. The first one is always a bit dodgy because it takes a while to work out how much paint and pressure the printing requires. I think the inconsistencies are part of the charm though.

snowman and spruce home-made potato print wrapping paper

This last one is a scan of the first time I attempted groan-up potato printed wrapping paper a couple of years ago. I can't remember if I used this on the old blog but I know it hasn't appeared here before.

heart pattern - potato print wrapping paper

Home-made wrapping paper is part of an ancient Yorkshire tradition (I don't currently reside in the Republic but I am a naturalised Yorkshireman having languished there for long sentences of my life) known as thrift, or tightarsedness. If you think I'm unkindly invoking negative and inappropriate stereotypes then I'll remind you of the Yorkshireman's oath:

Hear all, see all and say nowt
Eat all, sup all and pay nowt
If thy ever does owt for nowt, do it for thee sen

Happy Whatever to all who pass by here and read this far down. And indeed to all who don't read a word, and to those who don't pass by here either for that matter. Just Happy Whatever to One and All.