30 June 2006


(A sequel-of-sorts to excuses#1)

28 June 2006

SING - text version

s1p1 txt
s1p2 txt
s1p3 txt
s1p4 txt
s1p5 txt
s1p6 txt

When I first posted SING a month ago I mentioned that it was an experimental textless version and promised to post a text version for comparison in due course. Well, that was it. Now an explanation.

First of all, proper recognition. The words in this comic are taken from the Kalevala by Elias Lönnrot and are therefore © Keith Bosley, the translator. The Kalevala is an epic poem in Finnish. Project Gutenberg have a version which has the advantage of being completely free but otherwise is not a patch on the Bosley translation I have used. I have reproduced Bosley's translation in my strip entirely without permission and if he (or anybody entitled to) objects I will happily remove the words with my apologies for toes trod on etc. At the moment, my intention is to make a comic of the life and adventures of Väinämöinen, the hero of Kalevala, but this is a considerable undertaking and will doubtless take me forever, especially as I want to fit it around and between other projects. I had planned to translate from the original myself but I haven't had time and more importantly my Finnish speaker and suomi suolmate (who would have done all the actual translating work) is eyeball deep in MA dissertation and unable to assist. Finally, anyone interested in hearing samples of the ancient songs from which the Kalevala was woven can do so here.

Any and all feedback on the relative merits of the two versions and which works best greatly appreciated...

25 June 2006

Any Excuse...

...to post this again and I will. There are actually several good reasons to post this again. This was originally scanned on a very old scanner and the quality wasn't so great. I got a much better scanner about 18 months ago but throughout all the time since, the strip has been behind glass in a frame on a wall far away from pc and natty new(er) scanner. So this is higher quality and larger than the previous versions posted here. Also, I decided to make a small (reversible and indeed now reversed) alteration to make it acceptable to anybody allergic to swearing before it went up at the Museum and Art Gallery so technically this is a different version to earlier posted versions on several counts. Do you know what the alteration is?

opt treadmill1web
opt treadmill2web
opt treadmill3web
opt treadmill4web
opt treadmill5web
opt treadmill6cleanweb
opt treadmill7web
opt treadmill8web

Something new soon I promise!

23 June 2006

castle gate back nov 89

I'm in the middle of moving which is proving hazardous, quite apart from all the stress and expense that moving usually incurs.

time machine

Delving into boxes that haven't seen the light of day for almost a decade. Some contain nice things - folders full of black and white negatives from the late '80s when I had free access to a dark room and got busy with my SLR. For the first time since I got it almost two years ago, I've been playing around with the negative scanning doohicky on my scanner. Okay they're mostly rubbish but I'm pleased with some of them (like the one of Tim below).

The not so nice stuff included two cassettes, also from the late '80s. Sadly I still have the means to give them voice and did so this morning. One was of me and a mate (the guy skinning up in the photo below) on a Radio Trent show called Here Be Dragons playing our selection of songs and talking to the presenter, John Shaw. The songs are good (well, mostly) but hearing my 18 year old voice saying 'Brilliant' every two or three words (and long before The Fast Show) was an ordeal I could have done without. I wouldn't mind but I recently read some old blog posts from the original GoG, found using the waybackmachine or whatever it's called, and they aroused exactly the same feelings of embarrassment and self loathing just as I suppose my current posts will 18 months or years hence. Hey ho - best stick to doodles!

tim hapenny bridge nov 89

castle gate fore nov 89