3 April 2007

Mr Lumiukko riding pillion on a ski-doo (kind of finglish card?)

Oops - I hadn't realised so much time had passed since last I posted. Many of my usual apologies. I'm busy rehearsing my next bout of hi-diddle-di-dee, a short one act play for a one act play competition/festival at the Gladstone Theatre over in Port Sunlight later this month.


This is my latest daubing and should bring a smidgeon of cheer to all those distressed by the colourless, suicidal adventures of Mr Lumiukko last Christmas (I almost typed 'the Christmas just passed' then but suddenly realised that a quarter of a year has elapsed since then - eep!) Now Mr Lumiukko gets to have fun on the back of a ski-doo, a thank you card to the bloke who scoured my head with icy winds and flung up snow on the back of his ski-doo back in February. Ta mate!


Inconsequential said...

it matters not how long twixt posts you take :)

I know I pop in often on the off chance. I'm sure others will too.

Nice pic.

Kate said...

Just realised I can post comments on your blog, hurray! :-)

This is really lovely - I'm so glad to see that Mr Lumiukko has survived and that he's been having fun whizzing along on a ski-doo - what a wonderful idea...

Mebe this is what all snowmen do when we're not looking - go and play winter sports :-D

This is just grand - and the colours are beautiful - well done!

Dem said...

Heyup Inc - thanks for stopping by!

Cheers Kate - glad you found the comments box. Hope you and Ali enjoyed 300. See ya soon!

CdV said...

what's with all the snow? Ther's none up this north.

Glad to hear about the one-act play.

Dr Mrs Hellen Meng said...

Hello Dick Graham,
Am Dr mrs Hellen Meng, i came across your lovelly artwork on your site i was
flabagasted and i wish to have it,please let me know the finalprice so that i can make the payment ,i live in athens, i will love to read from you soon .Thanks

CdV said...

So what's happening with the play?

Dem said...

Dear Dr mrs Hellen Meng - you have left me with no means of contacting you. I suspect your overtures to be dubious. However, if you'd like to contact me using the email address on my profile we can arrange for you to send me loads of money whereupon I will gladly supply you with some art.

Hey CdV - I suspect I was actually enjoying a post performance drink or three when you were leaving that comment - hopefully the post that follows this one goes some way to answering your question.

Dem said...

Ooh, and sorry to have neglected your earlier comment. The snow was from further north than you (to paraphrase a Wedding Present lyric) and a few months earlier too. No snow here either and even the Suomi snow depicted has melted now, along with the lake ice that it blanketed.