25 April 2007

The Point

Two and a half years after fetching up here I still love Liverpool and am glad it was here I fetched up. I won't be here forever, hope to end up somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales, my favourite place in the whole universe, where I'll stride the moors daily with three or four collies skittering around my shins. For now though Liverpool will do.

For a city (and a vast city at that, irrespective of its modest population) there's an awful lot of nature reasonably close by. There are three parks - Sefton Park, Green Bank Park and Wavertree Mystery - within ten minutes walk of where I live and the jewel of them all, Calderstones Park, is maybe half an hour away on foot. But I've always lived near parks and woods and fields and the like. I've never before been so close to beaches, however.

queen sniffing

Depending on what you fancy there are a number of beaches to select from. I've still to check out Gormley's Another Place at Crosby but I try and get over to West Kirby several times a year. Stride across the Dee estuary at low tide, blasted by warm Atlantic winds, to Hilbre Island where the seals aren't. There's a vast muddy wasteland with a desolate pier stretched across it and cut-throat razor shells scattered about at Southport and no improvement on the Old at New Brighton.

queen n friend

These photographs aren't from any of those places, however. These were taken (by my brilliant partner, Ms Suomi-Suolmate) on several visits to Formby Point, the only beach that Queen has visited so far. It can get very busy (the crowds, sadly, bringing and leaving their litter) during school holidays but it stretches off into forever, especially at low tide, so there's always peace and solitude to be found if you keep walking north and west.

me n queen 2

Queen loves the beach. It's where we first saw her play. She loves to snuffle up starfish, bury her nose in the sand, charge off to the horizon and back again. And sometimes, she just loves to sniff and stroll.

me n queen distant

(You can see all the photos of Queen I've scanned in so far here)


marja-leena said...

So glad that you've been happily busy with a successful play run, and with your lovely new dog. These beach photos are gorgeous! I enjoyed learning a bit about Liverpool, even looking at a map!

Natalie said...

Wonderful wonderful photos, compliments to Suomi Soulmate from me.
and love to you too, Demmo.

Dem said...

Thanks for your comment Marja-Leena. I'm not sure 'happily busy' is quite the right phrase - it was the most frustrating rehearsal process I have ever been involved with (and I've worked with kids loads of time so I'm used to unfocussed frustration!), no doubt in part because I expected a 30 minute 3 hander to be a breeze, and also frustrating because all our efforts led to just one performance. BUT it was a great part in a wonderful play and I enjoyed playing it very much.

Yes, Queen is lovely - minun kultainen koira? (I didn't ask Ms S-S to help me with that so it's bound to have something wrong). I'm glad I guided you towards learning a little about Liverpool. It's a very interesting place with much more to it than the Beatles, Bill Shankly et al, Gladstone, and slave traders. There's loads of wonderful public art - superlambbanana, another place and Tracey Emin's lovely Roman Standard (her first piece of public art and something very easily missed as you walk by). It's well worth a visit, especially as it's the European Capital of Culture next year.

Heyup Natalie - love to you too. Ms S-S takes wonderful photographs, she has a real eye (she's a great all round visual artist actually but she doesn't believe it and so rarely tries except with the camera). I've passed on your comments.

Inconsequential said...