18 May 2007

If you like what you see here and you think a piece of my art would look good on your mantelpiece/desk/toilet wall, or if you fancy having a set of bespoke hand-drawn/-painted graphics on your own blog/website/stationery/cell wall, please let me know. There's no price list and almost every piece of art/comic strip/doodle/scribble/stain you see here is up for grabs so just email me about the piece(s) you like, what you're prepared to pay (and you can pay me in goods/expertise if you like) and we'll work out a price between us. If you want something similar to, or a personalised copy of, something you've seen and admired here, or a customised special occasion/event card of your own, contact me. If you can afford a pc and an internet connection, you can afford a piece of my art so if that sounds appealing, get in touch and you can be the proud owner of a Dem/Guild of Ghostwriters original.

Email all orders/enquiries/offers to guildofghostwriters AT gmail DOT com

14 May 2007

In the Midst of a Rev(olution?)amp

If this isn't your first time here then you may notice something different about this blog I won't tell you - maybe you can tell me in my comments?

The new blogger template doohickey has inspired me to give the blog a bit of a visual makeoever and that's what I'm in the middle of right now (I mentioned it in reply to a comment yesterday). The origins of the makeover go back to last year if not earlier. While sitting at my pc in my old place on Catharine Street, I would often fill sheets of A4 with these strange ghosty figures, experimenting with different shapes, sizes and placement of facial features to see what emotions they could convey. I felt there might be a greater purpose to them (world peace? saving the hammers from relegation? regular funny strip?) but I wasn't sure what it was. Sadly, I can't find any of those sheets just now or I'd post some examples.

On Friday I switched to the new blogger template, all my template alterations and additions were lost, specifically the sidebar graphics, and I found myself having to learn how to make them happen newstyle as well as create some new graphics for the new features (well, one new feature - labels/topics). A ghosty suggested itself as perfect for the role. Then we had an idea, ghosty and I (well, we disagree about who had the idea first but compromised on 'we had an idea' ). I've always fancied having themed visuals - in terms of style, colour etc - for the blog but have always struggled to come up with a theme. Wouldn't this ghosty and his crew be the perfect theme for this place? Of course they would! So that's what I'm doing now - converting the place to a guild of ghosty gouache graphics. It also gives me an opportunity to experiment with a limited, three colour palette as I have wanted/planned to do for some time. The first example of the new theme is already installed on the blog. The rest will come as and when I complete them over the next week. Here are some half finished examples.

As with just about everything I do, the first stage is to roughly draw the image in 2H and 2B pencil, as above. After that, I go over the pencil ink using various sizes of drip-pen nib. When the ink is dry I rub out the pencil with a mouldable putty rubber.

inked ghosts

It's usually necessary to touch up the ink drawing a little after the pencil has been rubbed out and once that ink is dry, I stretch the paper onto board with masking tape and paint it with designers' watercolour gouache paint and the odd touch of ordinary (non-gouache) artists' watercolour. The ghosty crew will all be painted with Windsor & Newton's Designers' Gouache Burnt Umber and Orange Lake Light, and Rowney Georgian Prussian Blue watercolour.

11 May 2007

Ch ch ch changes...

You may notice some changes around this place. This is because I bit the bullet and updated to the newfangled blogger template thingumabob in order to get a list of my labels in the sidebar. And in so doing lost pretty much all the template edits (such as graphics, blogroll etc). I'm slowly working out how to customise it to incorporate graphics again but my time on the pc is limited so that, and the reinstatement of my blogroll, may take some time...

parfum de merde de renard/l'eau de toilette

In Calderstones Park. A woman with the sweetest wee King Charles Spaniel. She rests her head against your shin as you scratch her back and tummy. The spaniel that is, not the woman. Suddenly the spaniel darts for a patch of bare earth and rolls on her back frenziedly. Queen does likewise. "Must be where a fox goes to the toilet" she offers as an explanation. The woman that is, not the spaniel.

In Sefton Park. Near the folly streams where old leaves lie, rot and stink and mad dogs roll. Manage to steer Queen clear of the rotten leaves but she spots a labrador who also spots her and they run off to play together. Meanwhile, chat with labrador's human about the swans, their hatched and unhatched brood nearby, the intruder terrapin, and the stately heron. In the middle mischief distance, spot Queen and labrador rolling in something on the grass which later turns out to be sticky and stinky. "Ah" says the woman with the labrador "that's fox pooh. It's their perfume."

We retrieve our stinky canines and go our separate ways, me wondering how she can possibly know this.