18 May 2007

If you like what you see here and you think a piece of my art would look good on your mantelpiece/desk/toilet wall, or if you fancy having a set of bespoke hand-drawn/-painted graphics on your own blog/website/stationery/cell wall, please let me know. There's no price list and almost every piece of art/comic strip/doodle/scribble/stain you see here is up for grabs so just email me about the piece(s) you like, what you're prepared to pay (and you can pay me in goods/expertise if you like) and we'll work out a price between us. If you want something similar to, or a personalised copy of, something you've seen and admired here, or a customised special occasion/event card of your own, contact me. If you can afford a pc and an internet connection, you can afford a piece of my art so if that sounds appealing, get in touch and you can be the proud owner of a Dem/Guild of Ghostwriters original.

Email all orders/enquiries/offers to guildofghostwriters AT gmail DOT com