11 May 2007

parfum de merde de renard/l'eau de toilette

In Calderstones Park. A woman with the sweetest wee King Charles Spaniel. She rests her head against your shin as you scratch her back and tummy. The spaniel that is, not the woman. Suddenly the spaniel darts for a patch of bare earth and rolls on her back frenziedly. Queen does likewise. "Must be where a fox goes to the toilet" she offers as an explanation. The woman that is, not the spaniel.

In Sefton Park. Near the folly streams where old leaves lie, rot and stink and mad dogs roll. Manage to steer Queen clear of the rotten leaves but she spots a labrador who also spots her and they run off to play together. Meanwhile, chat with labrador's human about the swans, their hatched and unhatched brood nearby, the intruder terrapin, and the stately heron. In the middle mischief distance, spot Queen and labrador rolling in something on the grass which later turns out to be sticky and stinky. "Ah" says the woman with the labrador "that's fox pooh. It's their perfume."

We retrieve our stinky canines and go our separate ways, me wondering how she can possibly know this.


Inconsequential said...


Anonymous said...

This is lovely! :-) really made me smile, what a brilliant picture :-D

And very true... what is it about pets and muck?

This morning I woke up about 6am cause Icabod was scraping round in the litter tray in the kitchen. Fell back to sleep. Two minutes later I was woken up with a start when Bod bounded onto my bed and shoved his head into my face, eyes wide, all cheerful and bright and eager for attention.

Face and feet coated pale brown with sawdust from from the litter tray.

Thankyou cat.

I had to try and dust him off but he was too squirmy and he'd already got inside the bed.

I'm sure they do it on purpose. :-)

Dem said...

Thanks inc - glad you like.

Hey Kate - nice to see you here again, MUST catch up soon. I popped into NfN on Thursday but you weren't there - maybe your colleague mentioned?

They do do it on purpose. Friday was eventful here - disturbed by hoovering, Queen went to the back door and discovered that something was falling from the sky making a pattering sound which disturbed her so she barked at it to stop. Eventually it did stop and so she went out and proceeded to empty everything containing soil of all the soil it contained and deposit as much of it as she could in her fur. That's half a dozen plant pots and a couple of raised brick flower beds. Hey ho!

Kate said...

Hiya Dem :-)

I know - its been faaaaaar too long since I saw you - just been a bit of a mad couple of weeks (in a nice way - lots of positive things going on) but haven't realy touched down properly yet :-)

O sorry I missed you on Thurs, I was out at the Playhouse taking my mum to see that Gormenghast (http://www.davidglassensemble.com/shows/gorm06.htm) for the 2nd time - sadly its finished now, but they tour it regularly, so if it comes round again you must come and see it - twas AMAZING! One of the best things I've seen in the theatre for ages.

I love the changes to your blog - specially the sweet little phantoms on the title page :-)

Glad to hear that alls well and that Queenie is on good form! She sounds so lovely - am really looking forward to meeting her. Preferably without half of your garden soil in her fur, hehehe ;-)

Bod woke me up at 8am by sneezing in my face. Little bugger.

I will absolutely definately give you a shout very soon and we can have a proper catch-up!

Take care - see you sooooon I hope, all good wishes to Kati and Queenie,


CdV said...

oh where did you buy that towel?! it's beautiful.

I think you should go into towel printing.

Dem said...

Hope Bod didn't give you a cold Kate. Speaking of Bod, I keep meaning to ask you for original digital copies of those mirror pics, if possible? See if I can get them a bit less blurry for your DA.

Thanks CdV - I wish I had a towel like that. I wonder if Cafepress do towels? They should!