4 August 2007

awoooooooo blair row zzip

awoooooooo blair row  zzip 1 of 5
awoooooooo blair row  zzip 2 of 5
awoooooooo blair row  zzip 3 of 5
awoooooooo blair row  zzip 4 of 5
awoooooooo blair row  zzip 5 of 5


Dem said...

As with Magpied, I wanted to put my musings on this strip in comments so that the strip can stand alone and you can read it without my thoughts cluttering your head. Obviously, this was always intended to be a lot more throwaway and 'lite' than Magpied however. It came to be as I was road-testing various ideas, ways and means for a bigger project. Seeing how it worked with drip pen and Bristol board, a three panel strip came to mind and I started working on that. More of that later, probably in a few weeks. I was drawing a landscape setting for that strip onto which a couple of fluffy cloud style sheep popped. Wondering whether or not a wolf or two should pop into the scene to go with the sheep, instead of an answer this wee strip popped into my head in its entirety so I drew it. At first I planned for it to run below the other strip I'm working on and so the original drawings are about 1 cm high and 2cm wide. I scanned them at 300 dpi so that I could enlarge them then added the frames, text etc in Photoshop. I might still use them at the bottom of other strip when that's finished but I wanted to post them here in this form before I go away. I'm actually pretty pleased with them in this form.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Agreed, I love it in this form, no elaboration needed. And it's a great idea, sheep in wolf's clothing, wolf in sheep's clothing, Blair, Blair etc. So who's the sheep in the last panel?

Dick said...

Brilliant! You must do more of these, Dem.

Dem said...

Cheers, Natalie, Dick - I've just got back from Finland so apologies for delay responding to your comments. I'm glad it struck a chord with both of you.